Founding Principles

1 – Each individual region expresses its own geographical, societal, environmental and productive identity, which differentiates it from any other region.

2 – A natural disaster – whatever it is and whatever its scope is – impacts every individual from the affected area, without exception.

3 – A responsible communication process must protect the territorial identity as a whole, providing multi-channel tools and multidisciplinary languages ​​capable of ensuring a specific, coherent and measurable impact of its efforts.

4 – A responsible communication process must contribute to the recovery of a cohesive and shared territorial identity.

5 – The process of protecting and recovering the territorial identity is divided into three interconnected and consequential phases:

• Prevention Phase
• Contrast Phase
• Relaunch Phase

Public entities, communication and information operators, the private and non-profit sectors contribute to the care, protection and application of the three phases.